Magistrate points out offenders rights


LAW offenders have the right to know from police why they have been arrested, says a magistrate.
“Police officers are duty bound to explain to offenders the reason why they are being arrested,” Boroko District Court Magistrate Alex Kalandi said.
Lucy Kiluwa was charged with assault and obstructing a police officer.
But the arresting officer failed to inform the prosecutor of the facts of the case.
“They should know the reasons for hindering or obstructing a member of the police force.
“Police officers should not think they are the police and they can just charge people without providing reasons,” Kalandi said.
“It is a requirement that upon the time of arrest, the arresting officer must inform the offender of his offence.”
The police prosecutor asked for an adjournment to Nov 22 to talk to the arresting officer in Kiluwa’s case.
Kiluwa was alleged to have allegedly assaulted another woman in Port Moresby in October.
She has pleaded guilty to unlawful assault but denied the charge of obstructing police.

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