Magistrate promotes role of courts at village level


VILLAGE courts play the frontline role in promoting justice in the country by dealing with human issues and ensuring peace at the village level, a magistrate in Morobe says.
Provincial senior district court magistrate Tera Dawai was speaking at the swearing-in of 88 village court officials from Kabwum and Wasu at Kabwum station last Friday.
He also urged the court officials and land mediators to perform their tasks without fear or favour.
“In a courtroom, the law has no brother, sister, nose, mouth or even feelings,” Dawai said.
He also noted that village courts had no written laws unlike the written laws used in the district, national and supreme courts.
“As such, you will use your brains critically during the process to keep the wheel of justice rolling,” he said.
“Understand the problems in a nutshell, use existing customary laws that are in line with written laws by applying customary justice practices to solve issues in villages.
“You are the frontline people who will cut the bushes down, we at the district, national and supreme courts are ready to support you whenever situations decide.”
Provincial village court officer Reuben Ason urged the officials to use the Bible as the main tool in any decision-making.

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