Mairi draws inspiration from outing


REPRESENTING one’s country is a privilege every athlete gazes upon, says young Saka Mairi, a member of the Under-16 Kundus who will play one of the curtain-raisers for the Prime Minister’s 13 clash at the National Football Stadium tomorrow.
The 16-year-old will have his second shot representing the country at this level; the first was last year.
Coach Dennis Miall will be counting on Mairi to lead the junior side against the youngsters from New South Wales. Mairi, a grade eight student of Daumagini Primary School in the Rigo area of Central, said it was a privilege to represent the country once again, however, a mammoth task lay ahead of them.
“Winning or losing is of no consequence for me personally,” Mairi said.
“I am grateful to be part of the occasion and will draw on the experience inspiration for my sporting future.
“I will see this game as a stepping stone for me. I am so privileged,” Mairi said.
The son of Southern Confederate director Gwaibo Mairi said he aspired to become a PNG Hunter one day.
“I know that discipline and commitment are very important and I am doing my best in those areas.”

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