Make data accessible to public, says official


THE people of PNG are desperate for quality information on statistics and they should not be denied that right, National Statistician Roko Koloma says.
He told participants attending a supervisors and trainers workshop on Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) on Monday that failure to collect accurate data could deny people the accurate information on statistics.
His message was generally for all participants nationwide who are currently sitting through similar workshops in their respective provinces which started on Monday and will run for two weeks.
Speaking to participants of National Capital District, Koloma explained the importance of their role in the survey on data collection.
“You play an important role and you can make a difference. You must appreciate the value of statistics,” he said.
“Statistics is about including yourself first and others later when conducting the actual survey. It is also about educating yourself.”
Koloma emphasised the importance on collecting real quality data.
“I will be the first to receive the information that will be coming from the survey nationwide during the exercise. I will be following the progress of the exercise to ensure that credible data is being collected.”
The workshop is a lead up to the nationwide DHS exercise that will commence in two weeks.
Koloma said the information or data collected was important since it would be used by development partners, planners and government to do proper planning for PNG.

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