Make sure your school doesn’t end up like this


SOGERI National High School will be closing this Friday (Dec 2) and students will be issued one-way tickets to return home.
They were advised that due to shortage of operational funds, parents will have to pay for their return tickets to Port Moresby for the 2017 school year.
Those accepted to do Grade 11 at Sogeri National High School next year will also be advised to pay their own airfares to Port Moresby.
Sogeri National High School has also informed their students to pay K800 project fees for 2017.
Their financial predicament reveals the state of affairs in many more schools in the country.
In the real world, nothing is free and no one should take a free ride on taxpayers’ toil and sweat.
The Government’s tuition fee free education policy is not sustainable and can be scrapped at the mercy of power politics.
So while parents enjoy the momentary hype in TFFE, they must be wise to save for the economic tough times ahead.

Tok Stret, Via email

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