Make use of modern technology: Chief Justice


JUDICIARIES in the Pacific Islands region have been urged to take advantage of modern technology.
Chief Justice of the High Court of Solomon Islands Sir Albert Palmer said this in his commentary on the use of modern technology to enhance quality during the Pacific Legal Conference in Port Moresby yesterday said technology was a tool that improved the management techniques of courts.
He said the technology also enhanced the delivery of justice.
“Court room technology can help make a case clear and can be used to present the strongest arguments,” Sir Albert said.
“Technology can be used to help the judge and the jury in those cases where juries have a clear understanding and appreciation of a case.”
Sir Albert said the benefits of technology included and better customer service, more environmentally friendly as less paper is used.
“These advances are to be weighed and balanced together and not compromise the independence of the judiciary and other core values and principles in the discharge of our functions,” Sir Albert said.
Sir Albert added that that the presentation by Information Technology Advisor Koichi Nakagawa on the establishment of the new data base system for Courts in the country demonstrates excellent leadership by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.
He thanked Koichi Nakawaga for the practical and clear demonstration on the new data base how this advancement in technology managed court cases.
“Maybe we can move into that stage of how we can share this because for some of us it is a fantastic material,” Sir Albert said.

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