Malabag says no shortage of medicines


MINISTER for Health and HIV/AIDS Michael Malabag is assuring the public that there will be no medicine shortage during the election period.
He said the Health Department was authorised by the Finance Department to use available funds to procure and supply medicines during the tender processing time – about the next five months.
“The secretary of Health has updated me on the situation and there is no medicine shortage in the country,” Malabag said.
“There will be no medicine shortage during the election period as well.
“The Health Department has already placed a new tender for pharmaceutical drugs suppliers to bid for the contract to supply medicine to the country. It may take four or five months to complete but in the meantime the Health Department has been told to use available funds to purchase medicines and supply them.”
Central Supply Tenders Board (CSTB) as an emergency step last month to extend Borneo Pharmaceutical’s contact when it expired last November to supply medicines was not approved by State solicitors.
There have been claims that the newly launched general hospital at Gerehu has no antibiotics for infants and asthmatic drugs and the Port Moresby General Hospital has no IV contrast used in CT scans along with insulin for diabetes.
Hospitals in Milne Bay, Gulf, Madang and West New Britain have also reported that they were facing medicine shortages.

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