Malala students required to sign deal in cult crackdown bid


STUDENTS at a Madang school are required to sign an agreement that they will stay away from any cult practices at the school.
This follows a fight among students at the Malala Catholic Secondary School in Bogia, Madang.
Bruno Tulemanil, the Catholic education secretary in Madang and a school board member, said the agreement was to stop cult practices which created other social problems in the school.
Last month, he said a Grade 10 student got drunk and caused a rampage in school which led to its early closure for the Term One break.
When the Grade 10 student was suspended, other Grade 10 pupils protested against the suspension and went out of control, he said.
They were confronted by some Grade 11 and 12 students and led to a fight which damaged one of the boys’ dormitories.
“This cult practice makes them stay silent and not report drinking habits in school,” Tulemanil said.
He said students who reported drinking by other students were often beaten up.
Tulemanil said part of the agreement was that boys returning to school were to pay K100 each to repair the damage they caused.
“All the students will come with their parents to sign the agreement and bring K100 with them,” Tulemanil said.

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