Man arrested over alleged theft


Police in Madang have arrested a man who allegedly stole a large sum of money from a number of Bank South Pacific (BSP) customers.
He was reported to have swapped his victims bank cards with his own and withdrew their cash from automatic telling machines after having spied their personal identification numbers (PIN).
The suspect was rounded up last Friday by some of the people he had stolen from.
Police stepped in and took him to Jomba cell where he was locked up while awaiting statements from all his victims.
Justin Amin, a ward councillor in Gama LLG in Usino Bundi district, said he was one of those that got tricked and his BSP Kundu card stolen.
A number of teachers and village court magistrates may have also fallen victim.
An officer at Jomba police station said they retrieved only seven bank cards from the suspect.

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