Man carves ‘Hiri Moale Lady’ for NCD governor


A MAN from Sepik has carved a replica of a Motuan lass attired for the Hiri Moale Festival to be presented to the governor of National Capital District after his declaration.
The carving will be placed in the governor’s office at City Hall.
Nelson Yaman from Wewak, East Sepik and a master carver told The National he carved a “Hiri Moale lady” which would be presented to the governor-elect when a declaration is made this week.
He said it was a difficult task but he was committed to it and finished it well.
“This carving would be seated in the governor’s office to welcome the new governor elected by the people in the city.”
He said some of his carvings were displayed in the city but due to changes within the city some were destroyed. Yaman said his desire was to do more carvings so his work can adorn the city along with other traditional works of art rather than sophisticated artwork using modern materials.
Yaman, his brother Dom and another master carver Nathan Tyim, through their group Tambunum Yopmai Art are behind some of the totems in a few locations in Port Moresby.
Some of his carvings were displayed near the Jackson Airport but were removed by some inconsiderate people, he said.
“Since the city has changed and more people from overseas are likely to come into the city, I am thinking of putting up carvings to be displayed in all corners of the city if given the opportunity to do so by the responsible authorities like the governor and the city management,” he said.

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