Man convicted of assault


A MAN is awaiting sentencing by the National Court in Kwikila, Central after being convicted of assaulting his aunt and injuring a cousin.
Justice Panuel Mogish found Rawali Geno, of Kamali village in Hula, Rigo district, guilty of  assaulting his aunt Lupa Tau and causing grievous bodily harm to cousin Joe Vali following a dispute over a customary land on October 30 last year.
Submissions on his sentence will be heard on Monday at the National Court in Bomana, National Capital District.
The court hear that Geno hit Tau with a piece of wood causing a swelling on her hand which required hospital treatment.
Tau called her sons in Port Moresby who went to the village. Geno ran away but Tau’s elder son Vali, 47, ran after him.
Geno swung a spade at Vali which injured his left hand. He was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.
Geno denied the allegations in court.

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