Man faces High Court case as police fight land fraud


THE Lae District Court has sent a man to stand trial on fraud-related charges in the National Court as police hit back at false land claims.
Geame Katu, from Bulolo in Morobe, was charged with one count each of false pretence and forgery after he allegedly obtained an Incorporated Land Group (ILG) certificate under the name Katomani Land Group.
It was alleged that Katu conspired with some officers from the Provincial Lands Division to forge and obtain a sketch map number MPP-21 to apply for the ILG certificate and it was granted.
According to Sergeant Michael Aluy, from the Criminal Investigation Division in Lae, the accused was caught by police when he allegedly tried to obtain an ILG certificate.
Aluy said the person was not from Baiune village in Bulolo but he was alleged to have used the certificate for his personal gain.
“He has been going around and doing things as the chairman of this ILG group but originally he is not from the area nor is he a genuine landlord,” Aluy said.
Katu was charged early this year after police conducted an investigation into the matter and established that
he was not originally from Baiune village.
People are claiming ownership to clan groups as if they are genuine owners when they are not, Aluy said.
He said many do that when they see that there are opportunities for personal gain, leaving the original clan members to suffer.
The date and time for Katu’s hearing have yet to be confirmed.

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