Man fined K1000 for drinking homebrew


A Southern Highlands man has been  fined K1000 for drinking homebrew by the Mt Hagen District Court on Wednesday.
He will be sent to prison for two months if he fails to pay his fine, magistrate Lydia Karre warned.
Karre told Timothy Allan, 28, from Tente Village in Mendi, that he could have been fined K5000 or jailed for six months for the offence as the consumption of homebrew was illegal.
She told him that the substance was not safe for human beings either.
Allan was arrested by police in Mt Hagen on Sept 8 at about 10am. He had in his possession five 500ml containers of homebrew.
“This is a dangerous drink which can destroy your life,” Karre said.
“This is an illegal alcohol which young people are taking without realising the
danger that  it may cause to their health.”

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