Man gets 27 years for raping girl, 7 Then he gets 12 years taken off for pleading guilty in court


A man was jailed for 27 years for raping a seven-year-old girl last year but 12 years was taken off because he pleaded guilty.
Justice Martin Ipang sentenced the prisoner last week to 27 years imprisonment on three counts of sexual penetration but cut 12 years because the prisoner pleaded guilty.
Justice Ipang told the count the medical report proved beyond reasonable doubt that Larson Lake, 30, committed the offence.
The court heard that on April 2 last year between 7pm and 8pm in a house in Port Moresby the victim and her infant brother were asleep while
their mother went to the canteen.
The prisoner, who was under the influence of alcohol, entered the house, woke the victim and forced her out of the house. He led her to a
banana patch behind their pit toilet where he raped her.
The victim escaped when the accused fell asleep.
The father of the victim arrived home and saw his son sleeping alone in the house.  He saw a half bottle of coffee punch on an old fridge but thinking it was his brother’s he took a shower.
From the shower he saw someone in the banana patch. When he shone his torch he saw his daughter.
She was standing next to the accused who was on the ground asleep with his private part exposed. The victim told her father what happened.
The accused was arrested and taken to Gerehu Police Station where he was charged.

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