Man provides sewing services to earn living


Just by fixing his sister’s sewing machine 15 years ago, Mawe Kua from Chimbu started sewing clothes and today he makes a living from that in Port Moresby.
Daily, Kua sits outside the Gordon Food Centre in Port Moresby with his sewing machine and mends clothes or make new ones.
He says sewing has enabled him to meet the needs of his wife and two children.
“I used to fix my sisters’ sewing machine, then slowly I started to sew and decided to make money.
I make K150 to K200 in a day if I am lucky, it depends on the customers,” Kua said.
“I like to put a smile on my customers by doing a perfect job.”
His services include patching clothes for K5, zip replacements for K8 and adjustment to men’s jeans for K10.
He also sews blouses upon request.
He said many of his customers were those who bought second clothes nearby and paid him to adjust them.
Kua wants to see especially young people dress properly in decent clothes and says he is addressing that in his own small way.

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