Man reported missing at Aust reef while on beche-de-mer dive


A Papua New Guinean has been missing since May when he was in a group harvesting beche-de-mer on the Australian side of the maritime border with Papua New Guinea.
The group was confronted by Australian border officers.
The Papuan New Guinean group was allegedly  poaching beche-de-mer on an Australian territory reef, border division police commander Assistant Commissioner Donald Yamasombi said.
“The missing man was among 13 villagers from South Fly, Western, who were allegedly poaching  beche de mers on the Moon Passage along the Warrior Reef in the Torres Strait,” Yamasombi said.
“He has been missing since May 28. But his relatives were afraid to let us know  as he was the one who had led these villagers from Wario Bodoro to cross the border in two dinghies to the reef.
“However the villagers are now reporting this incident after the missing man’s relatives from Samari Village are demanding compensation from his friends for leaving him to his unknown fate.”

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