Man to stand trial for rape


It comes down to the word of the victim against the word of an alleged rapist, Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar said when committing a man to stand trial last Friday.
“The court now has no reason to doubt statements made by the victim,” he said when committing Soti Kuk, from Jika in Western Highlands, to the national court.
Kuk is charged with raping a boy under the age of 10 on May 1 at Vadavada settlement in the National Capital District (NCD).
The court heard that Kuk in his statement claimed he was sleeping under a tree when five men attacked and chased him and brought him to Hohola police station.
According to other witness statements, the victim went home and told his family and they came and allegedly attacked Kuk and took him to the police.
Bidar said there was sufficient evidence in the matter to commit him to trial.
He ordered that Kuk remain in custody at Bomana prison and appear for listing at the national court on Oct 24.
Meanwhile, another man also charged with rape of an under-age girl, was committed to stand trial at the Waigani National Court last Friday.
Larson Lake, from Kandep district of Enga, was alleged to have raped a seven-year-old on April 2 at Bautama, NCD.
Bidar said that there was sufficient evidence in the matter for a trial.
He told the court that the victim in her statement clearly identified Lake as the perpetrator.
The court ordered that Lake remain in custody and appear for listing in the national court on Oct 24.

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