Man steals drugs, gets killed


A man was killed over illegal drugs during the general election in Gulf, according to assistant police commissioner Victor Isouve.
“I have never seen such a gruesome killing in my 41 years of policing,” Isouve said.
He said the man was killed by alleged drug smugglers at Vilavila village near the Lakekamu River on July 13.
“His neck, legs and arms were chopped off. His mouth was slashed wide open,” Isouve said.
He said the deceased was among three men who stole marijuana from the alleged smugglers.
“The group of alleged drug smugglers had left the bag of marijuana and was distracted by something else,” Isouve said.
“Seizing the opportunity when the smugglers lost concentration, the men stole the marijuana and escaped toward the bridge.
“However, a small boy spotted the men and alerted the smugglers.
“The smugglers pursued the men and apprehended one of them and killed him. The rest of the men escaped.”
Isouve said five smugglers were arrested after police were alerted.

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