Manager looks at working with bamboo


A VOCATIONAL school manager in Morobe has written a syllabus for a bamboo and rattan
course and wants it taught in schools.
Menyamya Vocational Training Centre deputy manager Yokea Guwo said he wanted the Education Department to adopt
the syllabus to be used for training in vocational and technical schools.
He also said a training centre for bamboo and rattan technology established in the country would help many unemployed youths and people in villages gain knowledge to make furniture to earn incomes for themselves.
“I believe in bamboo and rattan production because we can produce bamboo chairs, tables,
beds, timber and plywood,” Guwo said.
“I see great potential and opportunity for people in the villages, towns and also cities.”
Guwo has had meetings with education department officials and will be proposing the idea and syllabus to them.
He learnt the technology in Japan in 1999 and also attended a bamboo furniture making course in Madang in 2010.
He introduced the course at Umi vocational training centre in 2013, which was a success for many students.
“The students have produced various chairs, tables and beds from bamboo and sold it to many prominent individuals and some business houses in Lae,” Guwo said.
He’s been teaching in vocational and technical schools for 20 years, mostly as job training coordinator for students’ practicals.
Guwo said not all students get a job after graduation so the course and new bamboo technology training centre was necessary to help students in self employment.
“If everyone thinks about growing bamboo and latten seriously in the country, we will produce clothes, papers, timbers, and plywoods with bamboo,” Guwo said

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