Manam wants locals in charge of resettlement


THE people of Manam Island are looking forward to working with the new MPs for Bogia and Madang after the election, a spokesman said.
Joe Ababa said they have many well-educated people but there are no locals in the Manam restoration authority and because of that they don’t have answers to questions regarding the resettlement programme for people who have left the island because of volcanic eruptions.
“Manam has educated people who are willing to contribute ideas in this resettlement project,”Ababa said.
He said that recently a general election candidate contesting the Madang Regional seat, Alois King, visited the Mandi care centre where the island’s evacuees were living.
He said King was welcomed by hundreds of people before he gave his views on the Manam restoration authority and resettlement issues.
King said: “You have been living in care centres for 12 years and what benefit did you get from the restoration authority? Nothing.”
He said the restoration authority is controlled by the Ramu development foundation, the project management unit of the Madang provincial government.
He said care centre issues like education, health and water supply come under the Manam restoration authority which has funding.
“There is no Manam man working inside Manam restoration authority and that is also why you don’t know what is going on in there,” King said.

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