Manaseh plans to investigate bridge project


KANDEP MP Alfred Manaseh plans to set up an investigation into the funding for the Wasa Bridge project in which millions of kina were allocated but nothing materialised.
The bridge was to have been built over the swamps of Kandep to reach Hela.
Manaseh said at least K15 million was spent on the bridge but the amount could be higher than that.
“It’s turned into a cash cow for some people. I have evidence of K10 million, and in 2014, there was another K5 million,” he said.
“Evidence is there in budget papers but we have never seen the bridge. K10 million is enough to build a bridge, more than sufficient.
“New technology for bridges costs only K5 to K6 million. You need K500,000 to backfill, and bang, you put the bridge across.
“There was a lot of funds not used for the purposes they were intended for. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of acquittals that have been done over the years, which are false, just to substantiate spending of the money.
“Actual funding has never been spent on the project, whatever it may be.”

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