Maneke directs department to switch to digital communication


Minister for Communication and Information Technology Francis Maneke has directed his department to switch to digital communication from analogue by the end of this year.
Maneke said the sector needed a whole  government approach on the legal requirement of this transfer and the department would be responsible for the transition.
“It is important to note that all Government projects and programmes must be policy-driven,” Maneke said.
“I want all outstanding policy submissions to be completed within the next 100 days and where possible endorsed and approved by the relevant authorities before New Year 2018.
“I am sure within each of the agency there are committees or sub-committees that provide a vetting point for many decisions or screenings of policies and acts as a conduit for reports and appraisals.
“I want all these committees to be reactivated if there is still a purpose for them, otherwise provide a list of committees that are functional in each of the agency.”
Maneke also plans to visit the provinces to meet with provincial governments to discuss cost benefit-sharing arrangements.  He said there were many opportunities in the ICT space for provincial government, district development authorities and LLGs.
Maneke said next year PNG would host Apec 18 and the sector was required to prepare and take part.
“I want a full report on our state of preparations and list of things we need to undertake within the sector, as well as things we need to do as a contributor to other sectors.
“We are committed to deliver services to our people. You are the government’s machinery to do the delivery and we expect your total commitment.”

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