Maneke reveals 100-day plan


MINISTER for Communication and Information Technology Francis Maneke yesterday announced his portfolio’s 100-day action plan as required by the Government.
This plan provides framework required to prepare it to aligning activities to deliver in the first 100 days of government.
“We have been challenged to provide access and affordable communication to our rural majority and the Government has committed itself in the Alotau Accord 2,” Maneke said.
“We are challenged to complete the national broadband network, terrestrial network upgrade and that submarine and cable bandwidth.
“We are also to improve rural communication enhance accessibility to internet services and encourage e-commerce, e-health, e-education, e-agriculture with a view to embracing smart government concept.
Maneke said DataCo, an enterprise owned by the State, was working on the connectivity between Sydney and Port Moresby, a project that was listed in the Alotau Accord 2.
He said the department would work with DataCo as partner to roll out this important communication infrastructure.
Maneke said the whole of government Information Communication Technology (ICT) committee would become the vetting point for many other government ICT initiatives.
“This 100-day action plan has listed 18 activities that we must do.
“Basically, the plan focuses on taking stock of what you have done so that we can realign and move forward with what we are currently doing and what we need to do,” Manake said.

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