Mano urges people to change mindset


PEOPLE in East New Britain are being asked to change their mindset to survive in the changing global environment.
Deputy administrator for socio-economic services Levi Mano issued this challenge during the distribution of vegetable seeds from New Zealand by the ENB Market Authority and Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) on Tuesday.
“There will be no handout and we will distribute with the assumption that you must toil the land and sell your produce at the market,” Mano said.
“People must change their mindset so that their lives will be commercialised.
“Otherwise you will be subsistence farmers for the rest of your life and die. We must bear in mind that the world has changed, people have changed and if we continue to sit back, we will not survive in this global environment.”
He reminded farmers and market vendors that a market was an institution that was beyond marketing and was used to promote healthy living.
Mano said markets also promoted the Government’s food security policy. He said the FPDA was available to ensure policies promote food security and drive primary produce to a secondary level of production.

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