Manus to build airport, cannery


THE Manus government plans to establish a cannery in the province and build a K100 million airport, according to Governor Charlie Benjamin.
He said the provincial administration was working on establishing a town or growth centre in the western part of Manus,” he said.
He said a cannery would be established in the area to promote economic activities by the people.
“Fishing is part of our livelihood on Manus.
“Since fishing is popular in the province, it is important that we develop it further.”
Benjamin said Manus was a small province in terms of landmass but had a relatively big population.
He said it was therefore vital that more government services reached the people.
The sale of fish and other marine produce is important especially for people living on the smaller islands.
Benjamin said a new airport costing more than K100 million would be built to encourage economic activities.
He said Manus did not have many revenue-generating sources.
“This is why development in the province was and will always be at the mercy of the Government.
“We are trying to deviate from that,” he said.
Banjamin urged educated Manus people working in other parts of the country to consider contributing to the development of Manus.

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