Mapai, landowners sign deal to transport chromite concentrate


TWO contracts have been signed between Mapai Transport, Kurumbukari Landowners Association and Ramu NiCo Management Limted for the transportation of chromite concentrate from the mine in Madang to the Lae port.
Mapai Transport chief executive Kevin Christie, chairman of Kurumbukari Landowners Association Tobby Bare, and president of Ramu NiCo (MCC) Gao Yongxue signed the contracts which would see the Kurumbukari landowners engaging with Mapai Transport in the transportation arrangement.
Yongxue said the transportation agreement was guided by cooperation and mutual benefits.
“Through this cooperation we can not only strengthen our strategic partnership with Mapai but also create a platform for providing sustainable benefit for the Kurumbukari landowners,” he said.
He said the Kurumbukari landowners had been wanting to be involved in the chromite concentrate transportation business over the years.
“However, chromite concentrate is our by-product and the chromite price has and been fluctuating around a low average price,” Yongxue said.
Yongxue said Mapai was a leading transportation company in Papua New Guinea with a sound reputation. It has also made a significant contribution to Ramu NiCo in the transportation of materials and supplies to the KBK mine.
Christies said the owner of Mapai Transport, Jacob Luke was excited about the transportation arrangement.
“We will work very hard to make sure there is value for Mapai and the landowners,” he said.

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