Marat arrives in Rabaul to a hero’s welcome


Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat arrived back in East New Britain to a hero’s welcome last Friday.
People from across the province in the past two weeks have spoken out openly, applauding his stand to remain in the Alliance.
He was met at Tokua Airport a crowd, among them the deputy governor Cosmas Bauk and deputy provincial administrator Levi Mano.
The welcome programme was organised by the Rabaul district administration.
A humbled Marat told the people at Tokua that the country now had a formidable Opposition, a strong one, 46, and they would not let the current government rest until the country was back on track where democracy existed.
“I am seeing a dangerous trend that has been observed by many, which is the ultimate destruction of democracy in this country which started from polling till counting then onto the floor of the 10th parliament that witnessed persons or strangers,” he said.
He said the situation with two MPs declared for Gumine open was an indication of democracy eroding.
“We have a big task to vote god-fearing leaders to point out these problems and make it right.”
Marat said the National Alliance recognised his leadership and nominated him to be speaker while on the other side, Job Pomat was nominated.
“But for now, it’s too early to say or predict anything but we have a very strong opposition,” Marat said.
Bauk told Marat that the people of ENB were behind him even though he was in the Opposition and that he was a beacon of hope for the province.

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