Markets need to be controlled


NCD Metro Supt Benjamin Turi says markets in the city should have control measures.
“Police station commanders in the city are advised to carry out awareness on all main markets that there will be set timings for them to open and close every day,” he said.
Turi said that following concerns raised by members of the public regarding the high rate of petty crimes at main markets like the in the Gordon Market area.
“When the markets operate after hours and it’s getting dark, a lot of criminal activities take place,” he said.
Turi said when markets opened on a set timing and closed on time, it did not encourage crimes.
“It does not matter if you want to do marketing, go there early,” he said.
Turi said other centres in the country like Lae and Kokopo had control over their markets in regards to timing.
“We are thinking of closing all the main markets in the city at 4pm every weekday,” he said.
Turi said Gordon Market should close before 4pm.
“We will be trying our best to take control over the market areas,”  he said.
He said markets would open half a day on Saturdays and would be closed on Sundays.

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