Masere sets roadmap for development


Ijivitari MP Richard Masere has announced a five-year strategic development plan for the district which will be the road map to deliver services.
Masere said setting up the plan would help guide them to where services should be delivered.
He said there was no development plan in the last five years and most of the spending was ad hoc.
“There was no direction, no perceived outcome and they were just spending money at will and this is evident in the electorate, there is no tangible development,” Masere said.
“We’ve also got some projects that are sub-standard, incomplete, projects that have been funded but no evidence of the actual projects getting off the ground.
“This comes down to the fact that there wasn’t any five-year development roadmap. Because there was no map, we couldn’t measure anything against any standard.
“It was an absolute mess when we took charge of the office, so setting up this five-year development plan will help guide us, provide a roadmap so we know where we must deliver services,” Masere said.
He said an invitation was extended to Department of Planning Secretary Hakaua Harry and team to help them map out their five-year plan.
“As part of that, we will also send out invitations to all our stakeholders in our provincial health, Popondetta General Hospital, rural health teams, education, the Anglican Church, agriculture and tourism to help us create a conclusive five-year plan,” Masere said.
“We will also invite the business community like New Britain Oil Palm to come in and contribute because they are one of the single largest employers, both directly and indirectly.
“We believe that if we can make a conclusive five-year development plan that will help us well and guide us well to ensuring that we deliver in these plans within the hat period.
“Most of the plans will be mainly the basic necessities to our people that we can achieve within the five years.”

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