Masiu wins two in a row


National Alliance Party member Timothy Masiu has been elected to the South Bougainville seat twice in one year.
He was first elected in the South Bougainville by-election on a People’s Progress Party ticket last year, and yesterday, he crossed the line under NA.
Masiu, 52, a former radio broadcaster and journalist with The National, was declared yesterday at the Buin Specialised Training Centre hall after polling 13,427 votes after eliminations.
“The people have spoken through the ballot and for that I salute the people,” he told The National.
“People with leadership qualities are commodities.
“The people have chosen me and for that I’m happy to continue on from where I left.
“I’ll be working closely with my partners, both local and overseas, as well as the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
“We also have the issue of referendum for Bougainville coming up, which I will be looking at taking up.
“Otherwise, the people have spoken. They have made their choice.
“I congratulate the other candidates for putting up a good challenge.”

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