Matava unveils new plan for better service delivery


EAST New Britain administrator Wilson Matava wants to do away with bottlenecks in service delivery.
He said this when addressing Gazelle public servants during the handover of the district administrator’s position by Rose Murure to Ekonia Walom on Wednesday at Kerevat.
Matava said the administration’s focus this year was on improving service delivery at the frontline, building capacity, removing hindrances, supporting leadership level at district administration and providing advisory support to MPs.
He said there was a high turnover of officers and this was a challenge.
Matava encouraged qualified officers down the line to perform their responsibilities with humility, perseverance and submit to their superiors at local level government and district level.
“There is a lot more insubordination,” he said.
“I urge you all to provide support, perform and adhere to the publicservice code of conduct.”
Matava said local level government leaders and managers must conduct meetings and attend to issues in their areas.
“Do not restrict your area of coverage only to your office,” he said.
“Bearing in mind that functions of health, education, infrastructure are also in your locality and attend to them.”
Matava called on Walom to continue to convene monthly district management team meetings.

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