Mayor: Park vehicles properly


BUSINESSES that park their trucks along footpaths and recreational areas in Lae must refrain from doing so and remove them immediately, Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy warned.
Leahy said footpaths, playing fields, public parks and walkways were not parking spots for big trucks so no one should leave their vehicles in those places.
He raised the concern a second time after noticing that businesses were parking their trucks on public spots and ignoring a warning issued by the Lae City Council last year.
“I have seen big trucks parking at the Y2K and James Khay Oval for long periods and I am wondering what they are doing there,” he said.
“They are even parking on the footpaths.
“These are recreational areas and not designated car parks for trucks.
“I am not trying to discourage people from coming and doing business in Lae but what I am saying is people must follow the proper rules and regulations of doing business here.”
Leahy urged vehicle owners to talk to the provincial Lands and Physical Planning Board so that it can allocate suitable land to them to conduct their business.
“They have to park their trucks properly, in safe locations away from public facilities,” Leahy said.
“They must also be seen to paying tax and other necessary fees to the city authorities for doing business in the city like everyone else.
“Their activities must be regulated so that they operate legitimately.”
Leahy said he would discuss with relevant bodies to look into the issue and how it could be addressed.

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