Mayor praises minister’s plan to weed out corruption


LANDS and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko has been praised for his plan to clean up the Lands Department.
Ialibu town mayor Jacob Iki said many State-owned land
in Southern Highlands districts were given away to locals when
district development authorities were working hard to further
develop the town and
He said year after year, complaints were raised and made to the department to investigate alleged corrupt practices in the system but they fell on deaf ears.
Iki said land acquired through corrupt deals were sitting idle and that Tkatchenko should immediately weed out crooked officials who assisted in corrupt deals “as these people have been liaising to steal public places purposely to make fast money”.
“It is true that everybody has the perception that the Lands Department is corrupt and Tkatchenko must do his best to change that perception,” Iki said.
He thanked Tkatchenko for establishing a functional Fraud and Complaints Unit in the department where any person can register complaints on land deals and Lands staff.

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