Mayor Trilu vows to work with new MP to make Lae great again


LAE mayor Koim Trilu Leahy says his office will work with the new MP for Lae, John Rosso, to see that services are delivered.
Leahy said this yesterday when congratulating Rosso on his victory.
Rosso polled 8767 votes ahead of runner-up Sir Nagora Bogan and was declared winner at 3pm last Sunday by returning officer Daniel Wasinak.
“In the last five years my office and that of the city council were neglected by the Lae district,” Leahy said.
“Our project submissions to them have been collecting dust.
“Now that we have a new MP, I will work closely with him for the betterment of Lae city.
“His dreams and plans will be ours and we will all endeavour to make Lae a great city to live in.”
Leahy said many settlements in Lae still did not have proper water and electricity supply so that was something he would work with Rosso to see implemented.
The mayor also congratulated the MPs-elect for Huon Gulf (Ross Seymour) and Nawaeb open (Kennedy Wenge), who share land boundaries with Lae, saying he was also looking forward to working closely with them to ensure that issues of mutual concern were addressed.
He said the mix-up in electoral boundary demarcations among the three districts was one pressing issue that needed to be swiftly addressed in this term of parliament for efficient services delivery to the people.

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