How meaningful can independence be?


pendence on Sept 16, 1975, which is something every Papua New Guinean is always proud of and each of us celebrate that day in our own different way.
But when celebrating, do we also sit down and reflect on how we got there and who were in
volved in the process of independence?
This is a question that every Papua New Guinean must be given the answer to, either in schools or inĀ  history books or at home so that we can all understand the real meaning of independence and the hardship and risks faced by our heroes like Sir Michael Somare who took us through the gate into a new world.
The real meaning of independence should be taught and its celebration prioritised in annual budgets, particularly at local level government and district levels so the events do not focus on activities like sports or singsing competitions only but also on activities like video and film presentations that show how our local heroes paved the way to independence.
The celebrations should also include a variety of singsing groups from local to modern to bands, sports, drama and church activities.
The activities should not be about making money. Everything should be free.

Francis Saliau

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