Measures to review teacher qualifications


MEASURES have been taken to review qualifications of new primary school teachers in East Sepik and this has delayed their salaries, provincial education adviser Pius Munkaje says.
“Newly-graduated teachers from primary schools across East Sepik have been experiencing delays in the payment of their salaries because the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has been analysing the documents of teachers to qualify them to be fit to perform their duties,” Munkaje said.
“Teachers who have graduated from unrecognised institutions or other upgrading institutions that are not recognised by the Education Department will not get paid because the TSC is now very strict with the employment of teachers in schools.
“TSC will only employ teachers who graduated from recognised institutions and those whose documents are found to be satisfactory will receive their back-dated pay.”
Munkaje said some of the teachers who did not get their fortnightly salary because the TSC had found evidence of forgery in their qualifications and that was a serious matter.

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