Media told to provide fair news coverage


People’s Progress Party leader Ben Micah is encouraging the media to provide fair coverage for all political parties contesting next year’s general election.
Micah said the media was “very powerful” and should play its role in educating the people of all the parties policies.
“Media is very influential like the church and Government and people too believe in the media,” he said.
Micah said that PPP would be going out on a nationwide awareness and the slogan would be people.
“Without people there is no meaning in development.”
Micah said that they would launch the party’s website next month during their convention in Lae.
“We already have a software application made in China and will partnership with Digicel,” he said.
“Members can register for only K12 online to become our members.”
If you have no K12, there is option on the website for you to allow Digicel to deduct K12 worth of units from your units.”

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