Medical ship returns


Medical ship mv YWAM PNG returned to PNG shores yesterday better equipped following another round of renovations and improvements before her next assignment.
Improvements included the addition of a second extended-range patrol tender, which will be used to transport mobile healthcare teams and supplies to extremely remote communities from the ship and in collaboration with local health authorities.
The patrol tender was purchased, fitted out and installed with the support of funds from AusAID that has committed A$2 million (K4.75 million) over four years.
YWAM Medical Ships’ managing director, Ken Mulligan said that the new patrol tender would increase their capacity to collaborate with local health teams, working together to help mobilise training and healthcare patrols over longer distances and strengthen the rural health sector.
“In its mother ship capacity, YWAM PNG overcomes isolation by travelling to remote locations and then deploying multiple teams of Papua New Guineans and international volunteers via patrols tenders such as these,” he said.
“With the full implementation of the two new patrol tenders, we now have  ven stronger capacity to deploy multiple teams simultaneously, enabling us to saturate a wide area in a short time.
“We are deeply grateful to the people of Australia and their support. Many Australians serve aboard the ship and the friendship between our nations is very special,” Mulligan said.
“The addition of this boat will directly impact thousands of locals living in remote areas.”
Field activities delivered by YWAM Medical Ships teams alongside rural healthcare workers include dental care, maternal and child health, eyecare, mobile medical laboratory support, health promotion and collegial support and mentoring for PNG health workers.
The University of PNG also uses the vessel for student training placements.
Australia’s High Commissioner to PNG Bruce Davis said that AusAID was proud to be supporting YWAM Medical Ships’ work.
“YWAM Medical Ships have had great success over their last seven years of operation within PNG.
During this year alone, more than 30,000 people living in 171 remote villages have benefitted from collaborative patrols in rural areas,” Davis said.
YWAM PNG will be docked in Port Moresby this week before she departs for the Gulf at the weekend.

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