Medical team from China to work in city hospital

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AN eight-member medical team from China is in the country to work at Port Moresby General Hospital for two years.
Speaking during the welcoming ceremony, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said the team’s expertise would be a bonus to the hospital staff in the area of skills exchange and sharing of knowledge.
“I thank the doctors and nurses for accepting to come to PNG,” he said.
“Currently our country is facing a lot of shortages in terms of manpower.
“And I am happy that you are able to come to our country to work with our Papua New Guinea doctors, especially our specialists.
“I hope that while you are working. You may share your experiences with our doctors, and they can also share their experiences with you and you can learn from each other.
“At the end of the day our people will benefit from your expertise and also the cultural exchange we will have as people from China and PNG.”
The commercial counsellor at the Chinese Embassy, Liu Linlin, said that China had sent eight medical teams to Papua New Guinea in the past 14 years and, according to
their records, had treated 100,000 people.
He said the cooperation in medical and health services was not limited.
“The cooperation in medical and health services between our two countries is not limited to China sending medical teams to Papua New Guinea.
In 2016 under the Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement, the Chinese government provided K5 million worth of anti-malaria drugs and mosquito nets to PNG.”
The Chinese team members are Dr Ke Dazhi (cardiologist), Dr Huang Jingrui (neurologist), Dr Yang Hongjun (anaesthetist), Dr Huang Xingtao (radiologist), Dr Zhao Tao (urologist), Dr Xiao Weizhong (urologist), Tang Wanli (surgical nurse), Lu Jing (surgical nurse), Yang Yonggang (interpreter) and Gong Xiuquan (chef).

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