Meet discusses ways to help local coffee farmers


THE Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (coffee component) is an impact project with transparent and accountable systems to serve farmers, an official says.
Coffee Industry Corporation chief executive Charles Dambui, pictured, said this while welcoming the World Bank-led implementation support mission to Goroka on Wednesday.
The mission includes officials from the International Fund for Agricultural Development and Government.
They met the CIC-PPAP team to discuss the progress of coffee rehabilitation in the country.
“We had some coffee development programmes funded by donors, but this is one of our impact projects,” Dambui said.
“We intend to complete and deliver the outcomes on time.
“The principal aim of the rehabilitation effort is to improve the livelihood of 30,000 farmers covered under the project.
“There is a need to cover more as there are 524,400 coffee-growing households.
“What we are learning from the CIC perspective is the PPAP modality.
“It is transparent and accountable.
“Our long-term goal is to integrate the practice into CIC’s operations.”
Task team leader Stephane Forman, of the World Bank,
was impressed with CIC’s appreciation of the project modality.
The delegation will visit coffee and also cocoa rehabilitation projects and farmers in Morobe, Madang, East Sepik and East New Britain until Oct 19.

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