Melpa Lutherans get new bishop


THE Melpa Lutheran Church now has a new bishop, Rev Stanley Mukate from Western Highlands.
In a gathering of Christians from the Melpa Lutheran Church (MLC) two weeks ago in Dei electorate, Western Highlands, Mukate, was elected by the congregation.
Five other candidates also contested the post.
The bishop’s position was left vacant following the death of former bishop Sanagke Dole in 2013.
Since then Rev Peter Mark, the MLC administrative secretary, has been acting bishop.
Mukate has a diploma in theology from the Lutheran Highlands Seminary and was a long time member of the Lutheran Church.
Mukate has served as a pastor at the Bethel congregation in Tiria circuit of the Lelpa Lutheran Church.
He started his Christian journey when he was in primary school and believed that he would carry on with what was left by late Dole.
“My vision and dream is to make sure that people benefit the most and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ,” he said.
“We all have a purpose and a mission to complete in the work of the Lord and it is time we start working to gether to accomplish God’s mission on earth.”
He thanked the European missionaries and others from other countries who have sacrificed their time and life to bring the Gospel to Papua New Guinea.
He said without the missionaries there would not be any church or people.
Mukate said he has a heart and vision to extend the MLC.
“As the bishop I now will carry out and start implementing my vision and dreams for the church,” he said.
“We all have a role to play and I will need the support from each and every one of you to achieve them.”
Mukate said there was work to be done and he was calling on other Lutheran Church branches in the country to work together.
He also thanked the Christians from America, Australia and other countries for their continuous support towards the MLC.
He said under his vision, he would be working with other denominations and the government to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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