Members denied NSF benefits: Official


PNG Nurses Association members are among public servants being denied their rights to benefits from the Nambawan Superannuation Fund because of the Government’s failure to pay its component, says general secretary Eddie Foe.
He said the contribution to the superannuation fund was compulsory and forced on the workers by an Act of Parliament.
“Therefore, the Government must pay its component.
“Superannuation is not a voluntary contribution,” Foe said.
“Workers were forced to participate. They were forced by law.
“It’s very unfair when the Government is not honouring its commitment.
“They (Government) are taking the money out of employees and not putting their component.”
He said many people had gone into retirement and received only their contributions, not the Government’s.
“When the workers retire, they fall back on that because there is no social security system to protect them,” he said.
“The Nambawan Super money finishes and where else do they go?
“The Government needs to put a social security system to protect workers.
“They’ve paid taxes all these years and the Government has the duty to look after them when they retire.
“They must get something from the tax that they have paid so that when they finish they have something to fall back on.”

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