Mendani aims to complete projects


KEREMA MP Richard Mendani says his priority now was to revisit and complete projects initiated in his last term by working alongside Gulf governor the Kikori MP and the province’s LLG presidents.
He said during the last term of Parliament he had not delivered much as expected to the people of Kerema because there was no stability in the province.
“Now I have already started good communication with the governor elect, the new Kikori MP and even the LLG presidents, so we will all work together to change the province,” he said.
“My priority now is to get the politics right at the provincial level in order for a smooth flow of service delivery,” he said.
“My priority now is to revisit some of the projects initiated during the last term by reviving and aligning them with the expectations of the national government so that the outcomes needed by the people are received,” he said.
“The priority areas I want to focus on are human resource development, agriculture, fisheries and coffee markets,” Mendani said.
He said the new projects for the district he wanted to initiate in this term of parliament were the road from Malalaua to Kaintiba, the Bulldog oil palm project and cattle farming in the district.
“The other project, for which I am in discussions with the Kairuku-Hiri MP, is the maintenance of Hiritano Highway and also we will connect electricity from Port Moresby to Kerema town,” Mendani said.
He further thanked the people of Kerema for having confidence in his leadership and giving him another term to serve them in parliament.

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