Mendi schools get green light for grade 10


EDUCATION Secretary Dr Uke Kombra says grade 10 students attending schools in Mendi, Southern Highlands, will sit for the national examinations.
Mendi town was in a chaos last week after the declaration of Southern Highlands provincial seat.
“Our two senior officers went to the province and had meetings with the provincial examination supervisors and the provincial adviser,” Kombra said.
“We have come to conclusion that the students at those schools affected like Mongol Secondary and Mendi Secondary will still proceed with the exams.
“We depend on the assurance that the provincial education gave us. After the exams we will assess how they have done their exams and whether there were some issues and so forth.”
Kombra said students were not allowed to sit the exams at other schools.
“The reporting that say that the students can do exams or they can go to any schools and turn up for the exam is not on,” Kombra said.
“Students cannot just go and sit in any schools because the exam papers that are packed and sent are based on the number of students in that school.
“A student has to turn up in the registered and approved venue for examination and sit for the examination.”

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