Men’s snooker champs cue off


THE BSP National Men’s Snooker Championships got underway in Port Moresby on Wednesday with the minor title competition cueing off at four venues.
Group A and B fixtures were played at the Q Club while group C games were staged at the Laguna Hotel and group D was hosted by the Aviat Club.
Group A’s Toua Simoi is still on track to claim the top seeding after winning both his singles matches while group B favourite Jackson Ng faltered against unkown Henry English, who potted everything in sight to emerge as
somewhat of a dark horse for the tournament.
Other surprising results were last year’s runner-up Gavera Rima going down 2-1 to veteran Malcom Currie and group C favourite Gamu Miria losing to Media pool convert Ikupu Ovia.
Tournament director Joe Chan said it was too early to call in the minor title stakes but he was looking forward to the action tonight and on Saturday with the final on Sunday before the
major title competition starts on Tuesday.
“It’s still a long way to go yet but after last night’s results we are looking forward to a very evenly contested minor tournament where any number of players look like they could take out the championship.”
Results: Wed, Sept 6 – (Group A) Toua Simoi 2 Yana Kae 0, Timothy Breia 2 Vare Toua 0, Francis Theseria 2 Oscar Pomaleu 0, Toua Simoi 2 Timothy Breia 0; (Group B) Jackson Ng 2 Peter Biza 0, Wesley Jayface 2 Harry English 0, Toka Owen 2 Sioni Matapepe 0, Harry English 2 Jackson Ng 0; (Group C) Gavera Rima 2 Manu Keve 0, Lindsay Apisai 2 Malcom Currie 1, Mageau Pole 2 John Toka 1, Manu Keve 2 John Toka 1, Malcom Currie 2 Gavera Rima 1; (Group D) Gamu Miria 2 Jason Boude 1, Charlie Elijah 2 Ikupu Ovia 1, Willie Tiki 2 Clyde Palmah 0, Clyde Palmah 2
Jason Boude 0, Ikupu Ovia 2 Gamu Miria 1.

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