Mick’s death end of an era, says Pasquarelli


A LONGTIME friend of respected businessman Sir Michael (Mick) Curtain said his passing on Sunday was the “end of an era”.
John Pasquarelli, Member for the House of Assembly for Angoram from 1964-1968, told The National from Townsville yesterday that he had known Sir Mick since 1966 when he came to Port Moresby as a simple front-end loader driver.
Pasquarelli said Sir Mick dropped out of school at 14 in Victoria, and was mowing lawns in Queensland, before heading north to PNG in 1966.
“That was how he started off in Port Moresby,” he said.
“I met him when I was in the first House of Assembly.
“He built up from there – bang, bang, straight ahead.
“I think he left school at 14 in Victoria, and at one stage was mowing lawns up in Queensland.
“His brother David was the one who went with him to PNG driving front-end loaders.
“He came from nowhere, no education, he left school at 14, was mowing lawns in North Queensland, and then next thing he was in Port Moresby in 1966.
“It’s the end of an era.”
Pasquarelli said that Sir Mick died after a “long illness”.
“It’s been seven months since he was last back in Moresby, I think,” he said.
“Very, very sad.
“He’s been away from Motukea for about seven months and never got back to see it again.
“He’s got staff all over Papua New Guinea – Tari and around the Gulf, everywhere.
“He’s got equipment and work.
“He’s got a lot of staff in Townsville who are into building, construction, earthworks, roads, buildings – just like up in Papua New Guinea.”

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