Milne Bay govt assists medical symposium


THE Milne Bay government gave K250,000 to assist in the hosting of a medical symposium in Alotau this week.
The Medical Society of Papua New Guinea is the main sponsor of the symposium.
“Giving priority to health and supporting the health development agenda in the country is the right thing to do,” Governor Titus Philemon said.
Philemon warned that health was fragile and Government authorities should consider and cherish health vigilantly to avoid out-of-control situations or disasters.
“New medical catastrophes could emerge because of the reluctance of government authorities to take control of pharmaceutical giants taking over control of medicine science research and development,” he said.
“I make this point so that government authorities must now direct more focus and resources to health and the health agenda.”
He said strengthening primary health care for all and improved service delivery for the people in rural areas and disadvantaged citizens in urban areas was a good start.
“My appeal is that our public health system must be given priority and supported,” he said.
“We must provide an innovative and collective approach to reduce the burden of epidemiology trends of diseases in the province and the country.”

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