Milne Bay MPs urged to support police


THE Milne Bay law and order committee has asked their five provincial MPs to inject more funding into supporting police work.
Provincial administrator Michael Kape said in a recent meeting between the committee and the Milne Bay Chamber of Commerce that it was agreed that the MPs should put in K200,000 each.
He said they had written to the MPs and were awaiting their responses.
The MPs are Charles Abel (Alotau) Gordon Wesley (Samarai-Murua) Steven Davis (Esa’ala) Titus Philemon (Governor) and Douglas Tomuriesa (Kiriwina-Goodenough).
The provincial administration had allocated its share of K200,000.
“We have received the police operation plans and costs involved, therefore we are seeking the support of all our MPs,” Kape said.
He said the funding would go towards supporting the operations of the police in hunting down suspects involved in the killing of a police officer recently.
He said there was ongoing support towards the normal routine operations of the police but they would like to properly empower them so that they could carry out their tasks without hiccups.
“We need the funding immediately from the MPs. Some have already indicated their willingness to support,” Kape said.

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