Mine sees Agrikids as sustainable project


BARRICK (Niugini) Limited, the operator of the Pogera gold mine, has introduced a new project to develop interest in agriculture among young people.
PJV Community Development officer Peter Tumun said the Agrikids project was coordinated by Barrick’s community development section.
“Agrikids is a component of BNL’s food security programme initiated in 2010 to prepare local communities to sustain their livelihood through agriculture after the mine closes,” Tumun said.
Students at the Aumbi Elementary School are being trained to use compost in farms to increase soil fertility.
“Agriculture is a sustainable venture and it is important that children are taught agricultural skills at an early age,” Tumun said.
Teacher David Isara and school chairman Pastor Wanpis Kawi welcomed the initiative.
“I have been teaching for 16 years but have never seen such training before,” Isara said.
“I am happy that such activity is being taught here at the elementary school.
“If the same skills are being taught to schools throughout the valley, the children will be able to prepare themselves for the future.

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