Mine sets example to promote local catering services


OK Tedi Mining Limited will use the Fubilan Catering Services as a benchmark for local companies providing services to the firm.
OTML deputy chief executive and general manager external relations Musje Werror, pictured, made the comments during a ceremony to recognise FCS for achieving five years without any lost time injury.
He said OTML would like to see landowner companies adding value to its business and the community.
He said OTML could not continue to do business with landowner companies or regional suppliers which failed to meet OTML standards and statutory requirements.
“We are pleased with FCS because they are a model local company and we are going to use them as an example for other local companies to follow,” Werror said.
He said 37 local contractor companies engaged by OTML were being reviewed.
Werror warned that companies not performing to the expected standard and not complying with the statutory compliance requirements would not be considered for contract work with OTML.

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